John McCormick is a technology-based researcher and artist with a major interest in movement. John has collaborated on electronic artworks worldwide, including at International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA), ZERO1SJ, SIGGRAPH, Melbourne Festival, Venice Biennale, Siggraph Asia, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Tokyo International Forum and Art Science Museum Singapore. John’s current artistic work explores human robot interaction mediated by extended reality environments. John was an Australian Antarctic Arts Fellow in 2020 supported by the Australian Antarctic Division and Australian Network for Art and Technology. John was lucky enough to travel on the last Australian Antarctic voyage of the research vessel Aurora Australis to the Antarctic continent. John is currently a senior lecturer and researcher in the Centre for Transformative Media Technologies at Swinburne University of Technology.

John has an extensive history working with motion capture, 3D visualisation, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Volumetric Capture and human movement. His recent research combines these fields in the areas of art, health, science and engineering.



2014     PhD, School of Communication and Creative Arts, Deakin University

2010     Master of Arts (Research). Animation and Interactive Media, RMIT

2010     Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Victoria University

1998     Elevated Work Platform Certification

1995     Graduate Diploma of Media Studies. Deakin University

1987     Bachelor of Arts. Victoria College (Deakin University)



2020     Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, Antarctic expedition with Australian Antarctic Division

2017     Australia Council, robot exhibition at Art Science Museum, Singapore

2015     Synapse Residency, Australian Network for Art and Technology, Deakin Motion.Lab

2010     Australia Council Residency at Ars Electronica Futurelab, Linz Austria. Investigating evolutionary virtual entities as performing audio-visual creatures

2008 – 2007      Australia Council Fellow investigating Real-time motion capture, networked immersive performance environments.

2003     Australia Council Cit’e Internationale des Arts Studio Residency, Paris, France. (Australia Council Residency)


Selected Art Work

2021     Aurora Australis Ultimo Choro VR, McCormick, J. Nash, A., Jeal, S., Vincs, K., Siggraph Asia Art Gallery, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo Japan

2021     Aurora Australis Ultimo Choro, McCormick, J. Nash, A., Jeal, S., ACMI Melbourne (Covid interrupted)

2021     Antarctica Breaking, Nash, A. McCormick, J., Polar Patterns, Capitol Theatre Melbourne

2020     Aurora Australis Virtual Tour, McCormick, J. Nash, A. Online at

2019     Eve Of Dust, McCormick, J., Nash, A., Hutchison, S., Powerhouse Museum, Brisbane

2019     Neuron Conductor, McCormick, J., Nash, A., Bhatti, A., RMIT Gallery, Melbourne. Part of The Model Citizen exhibition. A robot creates movement, soundscore and full-room 3D visualisations based on ZIKA virus infected mosquito neuron’s spiking patterns.

2019     Meravigliosa Aurora, Heng, Y. S., McCormick, J., The Arts House, Singapore. Aurora photographic and virtual reality exhibition.

2018     City Of Androids, McCormick, J., Nash, A., Melbourne CBD. Child robot is wheeled around the Melbourne CBD and uses an artificial neural network and its location as seed for storytelling.

2018     Eve Of Dust, McCormick, J., Nash, A., Hutchison, S., Siggraph Asia, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan.

2018     Child In The Wild McCormick, J., Nash, A. RMIT Black Box, Melbourne. Part of Data Is Nothing exhibition.

2017     Child In The Wild, McCormick, J. Nash, A. Art Science Museum, Singapore. Child robot generates a realtime visual environment based on what it sees and interactions with visitors.

2016     Convolution, McCormick, J. Nash, A.  Siggraph Asia Art Gallery, Macao. Neural network trained child robot recognises objects and images it is shown and generates a surround virtual world in response.

2016     Garden of Miniscule Delights, Hutchison, S., McCormick, J., CreateX, QUT, Queensland. Performance Installation with human dancer, robots and interactive participation.

2016    Pinoke, McCormick, J., Vincent, J.B., Hutchison, S., Nash, A., Divers, P., Jeal, S., Ingram, T., Performance between human and robot with realtime surround projections derived from motion data.

2016     Duet, McCormick, J. Andrews, S. Vincent, J. Geelong After Dark, Geelong.

2016     Immigration Museum Application, McCormick, J., Divers, P., Kaye, J., Vincent, J.B., Wallace, K., Vincs, K., Aiyer, V.,  [Augmented Reality application with animated museum guide], partnership with AppeARition, Deakin Motion.Lab, and the Immigration Museum, Melbourne.

2015     Emergence, SFU, ISEA 2015, Vancouver, Canada

2015     Emergence, Does It Matter? Composite bodies and post-human prototypes in contemporary performing arts, IPEM Lab, Ghent, Belgium

2015     Pinoke Dance performance with live motion capture interactive 3D environment and dancing robot, UNITE! Conference, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

2015     Vox Lumen Dance performance with live motion capture visualisations performed at White Night Melbourne, 12 hour event, Main outdoor stage, Federation Square

2014     Crack Up Dance performance with stereoscopic scenography. Vincs, K, Vincs, R, McCormick, J, Skovli, D, Taylor, S, Wallace, K, Divers, P.

2014     Emergence, Dance performance co-created by a human dancer and an artificially intelligent performing agent, Metanoia Theatre, Melbourne.

2013     Reproduction 4, 8-Stereo Screen, Immersive, Motion Sensitive, Artificial Life-based Mixed Reality Artwork, 2013 Interactive Entertainment conference. RMIT    

2013     Recognition 1, Interactive motion tracking installation with neural network agent performer, Cube 37 Frankston Arts Centre

2012     Reproduction 3, (Full Dome Environment), Werribee Piazza, Werribee.

2011     Choreotopography, Live motion capture Stereoscopic 3D dance performance. Gasworks Theatre, Melbourne.

2011     Reproduction 2, (Visitor interaction version) Interactive immersive projected artificial life environment. Screen Space Gallery, Melbourne.

2010     Reproduction 1, Immersive Installation, Neutral Ground gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada with Adam Nash (Squaretangle) Evolving audio visual entities within an immersive projected environment (4 walls and ceiling) and spatialised sound.

2010     McCormick, John and Nash, Adam (2010) FacadeUnity, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Linz, Austria Embedding movement into architecture, using live motion capture to animate the lighting of the façade of the Ars Electronica building. Australia Council Reidency.

2010     Nash, Adam and McCormick, John, Reproduction, 2010, Evolving audiovisual generative entities, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Linz, Austria

2010     Choreotopography, Motion Capture, Stereo 3D ballet performance, Melbourne Ballet Company, choreographed by Kim Vincs, Playhouse Theatre, Victorian Arts Centre

2009     Aura, Deakin Motion.lab, Choreography Kim Vincs, Sound Rob Vincs, James Wakefield. Live motion capture performance with real-time stereoscopic 3D projections.

2008     Ways To Wave, Interactive mixed reality installation. 01SJ Biennial: Superlight, San Jose, USA (collaboration with Adam Nash) Real world electronic sculpture interfaced to Second Life installation environment.

2008     SwanQuake V22, London, UK (collaboration igloo, UK) Motion capture driven, game-based interactive installation.

2007     Summerbranch Venice Biennale, Italy (collaboration igloo UK) Motion capture driven, game-based interactive installation.

2007     Summerbranch Space 4, Petersborough, UK

2006     Summerbranch Artsway, New forest, UK (collaboration igloo UK)

2005     Sentient Space Swinburne Virtual Reality Theatre, Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing,  Melbourne (Company In Space, igloo, Adam Nash) Live motion capture performance in Stereoscopic 3D.

2004     Company In Space at the International Symposium on Art and Technology, Utah, USA. Live motion capture performance.

2004     CO3 ShangHai Arts Festival Workshops, ShangHai Theatre School, ShangHai China.

2002     CO3 A live motion capture driven performance. Virtual Worlds, Institute of Contemporary Art London, UK

2002     CO3 Company In Space, Culture Shock Festival, Manchester, UK

2002     CO3 Arnolfini ArtsCentre, Bristol, UK

2002     The Light Room Company In Space, Melbourne Festival, Melbourne Museum, Electronic opera.

2001     Escape Velocity Company In Space, Digital Now, Hong Kong Arts Centre

2000     Escape Velocity Company In Space, Telematic Performance between Monaco Dance Forum, Monaco and Melbourne, Australia

2000     Trial By Video Company In Space, New Moves New Territories, Glasgow, Scotland.

1999     Escape Velocity Company In Space, International Dance and technology, Arizona State University, USA. Live telematic performance between USA and Australia

1999     Downloading Downunder, Company In Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Electronic Dance performance.

1999     Trial By Video Company In Space, Telematic Performance, Melbourne Festival, Melbourne live link to Jerwood Space, UK

1998     Escape Velocity Company In Space, Telematic Performance, SIGGRAPH ’98, Florida.  Live linked performance between Siggraph, Florida and Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia.

1996     The Pool is Dammed, Banana Alley Vaults Melbourne, linked to live installations at Performance Space Sydney, PICA Perth and IMA Brisbane.

1995     The Navigators: Mapping the Dream Green Mill Dance Project, Beckett Theatre, Malthouse, Melbourne

1995     Through the Pane, IMA Brisbane.

1994     Ghost in the Machine, Horticultural Hall Melbourne

1993     Under the Sky, Guangdong Theatre Academy China, Sydney Festival

1990     Signs of Life, Beckett Theatre, Malthouse, Melbourne



2017 –               Swinburne University, Interactive Media, Previsualization for Screen, Production for Digital Platforms, Volumetric Capture

2013 – 2009       Deakin University, SCCA. Motion Capture, Animating Motion, Choreographing Digital Space, Dance and Technology, Major Creative Project (Animation)

2008-2006         RMIT, ADoM. New Media Art, Design for Web

2006-2004         Victoria University, Computer Mediated Art. Electronic Installation Art.

2002                 Victoria University, Performance Studies. Dance and Multimedia.

2001-1997         Victoria University, Performance Studies. Dance.

1994                 Beijing Dance Academy. Contemporary Dance

1994                 Guandong Dance Academy. Contemporary Dance.


Published Work

2022     Hutchison, S., McCormick, J., What robots learn from performative relationships and interactive performance, in Materializing Digital Futures: Touch, Movement, Sound and Vision, Bloomsbury (Chapter 12, 223 – 242) DOI: 10.5040/

2021     Hislop, J., Isaksson, M., McCormick, J., Hensman, I., Validation of 3-Space Wireless Inertial Measurement Units using an Industrial Robot, Wearable Sensors for Human Movement (Special issue), Sensors 21 (20) doi: 10.3390/s21206858

2021     McCormick, J., Nash, A., Jeal, S., Vincs, K., Aurora Australis Ultimo Choro VR, Siggraph Asia Art Gallery, Tokyo International Forum DOI: 10.1145/3476123.3487883

2020     Hislop, J., Hensman, C., Isaksson, M., Tirosh, O., McCormick, J. Self-reported prevalence of injury and discomfort experienced by surgeons performing traditional and robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery: a meta-analysis demonstrating the value of RALS for surgeons, Surgical Endoscopy, 2020, 1-13. (Q1) doi: 10.1007/s00464-020-07810-2

2020     Kim, Eugenia S., Kim Vincs, John M. McCormick, (2020) Oncheon : Learning to perform motion trails for virtual spaces. in Proceedings of EVA London 2020, ‘AI and the Arts: Artificial Imagination’, Online, 6-9 July 2020 doi: 10.14236/ewic/EVA2020.51

2020     Gironacci, I., Vincs, K., McCormick, J., (2020) A Recommender System of Extended Reality Experiences. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series : 96-100 doi: 10.1145/3383812.3383839

2019     Hislop, J., Isaksson, M., Tirosh, O., McCormick, J., Hensman, I., Muscle Activation During Traditional Laparoscopic Surgery Compared with Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery: a Meta-Analysis, Surgical Endoscopy, 2020, 34, 1-8. (Q1) doi: 10.1007/s00464-019-07161-7

2018     McCormick, J., Hossny, M., Fielding, M., Mullins, J., Hutchison, S., Vincent, J., Hossny, M., Vincs, K., Mohamed, S., Nahavandi, S., Creighton, D. Feels Like Dancing: Motion capture driven haptic interface as an added sensory experience for dance viewing. Leonardo. Leonardo, 2018, 53(1), 1-9. (Q1) doi: 10.1162/leon_a_01689

2018     McCormick, John, Nash, Adam, Hutchison, Stephanie, 2018. Eve of dust, SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Art Gallery – International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SA 2018), Tokyo, Japan, 4-7 December 2018, article no. 7 doi: 10.1145/3282805.3282807

2018     Vincent, J. B., Vincent, C., Vincs, K., DeLahunta, S., McCormick, J., (2018) Artworks-spawning-artworks: Trans-disciplinary approaches to artistic spin-offs and evolution in the dance and digital context. Digital Echoes: Spaces for Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage : 283-299 doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-73817-8_15

2018     Vincs, K., Bennett, A., McCormick, J., Vincent, J. B., Hutchison, S., (2018) Skin to Skin: Performing Augmented Reality. Springer Series on Cultural Computing : 195-209 doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-69932-5_10

2017     McCormick, John ; Nash, Adam ; 2017. Child in the Wild, C&C ’17 Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGCHI Conference on Creativity and Cognition, Singapore, 27-30 June, 2017, pp. 456-457 doi: 10.1145/3059454.3059509

2016     McCormick, J. Hutchison, S. Vincent, J.B. Vincs, K. Collaborative Dance between robot and human, IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Workshop on Artistically Skilled Robots, DaeJeon, South Korea, 2016

2016     Vincent, J. B., Vincent, C., Vincs, K., McCormick, J., (2016) Navigating control and illusion: functional interactivity versus ‘faux-interactivity’ in transmedia dance performance. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 12 (1): 44-60 doi: 10.1080/14794713.2016.1161955

2016     Hossny, M., Nahavandi, S., Fielding, M., Mullins, J., Mohamed, S., Creighton, D., McCormick, J., Vincs, K., Vincent, J., Hutchison, S., (2016) Haptically-enabled dance visualisation framework for deafblind-folded audience and artists. Proceedings – 2015 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, SMC 2015 : 446-450 doi: 10.1109/SMC.2015.89

2015     McCormick, J., Hutchison, S., Nash, A., Vincs, K., Nahavandi, S., Creighton, D., 2015, ‘Learning to replace a human: A virtual performing agent’ International Journal of Virtual Reality, Vol. 15, No. 1: 18-22

2015     Andrews, S., Vincent, J.B., McCormick, J., 2015, ‘Duet: Improvising Spatial Dialogues with an Artificially Intelligent Agent,’ Proceedings of the 3rd ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction, ACM Library, pp. 57-60. doi: 10.1145/2788940.2788952

2015    Haptically-Enabled Dance Visualisation Framework for Deafblind-Folded Audience and Artists   Hossny, M., Nahavandi, S., Fielding, M., Creighton, D., McCormick, J., Vincs, K., Vincent, J.B., Hutchison, S., 2015, IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Hong Kong, October 9-12, 2015.

2015     McCormick, J., Hutchison, S., Vincs, K., (2015) Emergent Behaviour: learning from an artificially intelligent performing software agent. ISEA 2015, 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art.

2015     Vincent, J., Vincs, K., McCormick, J., (2015) Splitting Centre: directing attention in transmedia dance performance, ISEA2015, 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, August 14–18, 2015, Vancouver, Canada

2015     Hutchison, S., McCormick, J., Vincs, K., (2015) META: notes from a dancer from inside a duet with an AI agent, ISEA2015, 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, August 14–18, 2015, Vancouver, Canada.

2014     Vincs, Kim, Bennett, Alison, McCormick, John, Vincent, Jordan Beth and Hutchinson, Stephanie, Skin to skin : performing augmented reality, in Geroimenko, Vladimir (eds), Augmented reality art : from an emerging technology to a novel creative medium, pp. 161-174, Springer, Berlin, Germany

2014     McCormick, J., Creighton, D., Vincs, K., Hutchison, S., Nahavandi, S., (2014) Teaching a Digital Performing Agent: Artificial Neural Network and Hidden Markov Model for recognising and performing dance movement. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series: 1st International Workshop on Movement and Computing, MOCO 2014 : 70-75 doi: 10.1145/2617995.2618008

2014     McCormick, J., Nash, A., Hutchison, S., Vincs, K., Nahavandi, S., Creighton, D., (2014) Recognition: Combining human interaction and a digital performing agent. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series: Virtual Reality International Conference, VRIC 2014-April doi: 10.1145/2617841.2620707

2013     Learning to Dance with a Human, John McCormick, Kim Vincs, Saeid Nahavandi, Douglas Creighton, ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Art, Sydney, 2013

2013     Vincs K., J. McCormick, P. Divers, D. Skovli, S. Redmond, S. Hutchison, D. Reid, (2013) Real-time motion capture and pre-visualization pipelines as a tool for enhancing creative workflow and the gravitational ‘presence’ of the image. in 10th Annual Conference of the Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association (ASPERA)

2013     Nash, A., McCormick, J., Greuter, S., (2013) Reproduction game demo. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

doi: 10.1145/2513002.2513035

2012     Vincs K., J. McCormick, K. Stevens, G. Stewart, (2012) Dance technology research. in National Dance Research Forum, Ausdance National and Tertiary Dance Council of Australia

2012     Vincs K., J. McCormick, P. Divers, D. Skovli, (

2012) Real-time motion capture interactive 3D stereoscopic visualization. in National Dance Research Forum, Ausdance National and Tertiary Dance Council of Australia, Deakin Motion.Lab, Melbourne, Australia, 4 August 2012 

2011     McCormick, J., Recognition and response to human movement contained in motion capture data using the Self Organising Map, International Symposium on Electronic Art (17th : 2011: Istanbul, Turkey)

2010     Vincs, K., McCormick, J., Touching space: using motion capture and stereo projection to create a ‘virtual haptics’ of dance. Leonardo 43:4 (SIGGRAPH issue), MIT Press, Massachusetts, USA, 2010

2003     Toward a multi-modal, augmented-reality dance performance. Dance and Technology II, 18th International Academic Symposium, The Korean Society of Dance, Soeul, Korea, 2003. pp.61-72 


Selected Conference Presentations

2020     Field Trip Symposium, Arts Front, Keynote Speaker

2019     Performing Robots Conference, Utrecht, Nederlands, “Mediating Human – Robot performance through virtual environments”, McCormick, J., Nash, A., Hutchison, S., Vincs, K.

2014     Movement and Computing  Workshop (MOCO 2014) IRCAM Paris, France. “Teaching a Digital Performing Agent: Artificial Neural network and Hidden Markov Model for recognising and performing dance movement”

2014     Laval Virtuale, Laval France. Recognition: “Combining Human Interaction and a Digital Performing Agent”

2013     ISEA, Sydney, Australia, Panel presentation and publication “Learning to dance with a human”

2011     ISEA, Istanbul Turkey, Panel, Motion Capture and Dance: What it can do, what it can’t do, and what it should never attempt”

2004     Gametime, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia Symposium on Game Art.

2003     Dance and Technology II, Soeul University, SouthKorea. Symposium on Dance and Technology

2003     Virtual Incarnations Future Physical, Wearable Computing component, London, UK (Funded by Future Physical)

2002     Digital Summer (Cultural Porgramme for Manchester Commonwealth Games) Manchester, UK Out of Place: The Virtual and the Physical Bury St. Edmunds Gallery, UK (Funded by Future Physical)


Invited Residencies and Research

2020     Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship, Antarctic expedition with Australian Antarctic Division

2015     Synapse Residency at Deakin Motion.Lab and Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and innovation. Australian Network for Art and Technology

2010     Squaretangle Residency at Neutral Ground Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Co-researcher Adam Nash (RMIT University Melbourne)

2010     Choreotopography, Researcher, CMII Deakin University. Applying innovative arts based technologies to visioning the relationships between people and place and pathways through virtual environments. Modelling spatial pathways of live motion capture data using physics simulation in an immersive, stereoscopic, virtual environment.

2010     Squaretangle Residency at Ars Electronica Futurelab, Linz Austria. Investigating evolutionary virtual entities as performing audio-visual creatures. Co-researcher Adam Nash (RMIT University Melbourne, Squaretangle)

            (Co-funded by Ars Electronica and Australia Council)

2009     Aura. Deakin University Motion.lab. Live motion capture performance within an interactive, immersive stereoscopic 3D environment. Demonstration of capabilities afforded through a Deakin Research infrastructure grant.

2008     University of Western Australia. Western Australia Supercomputing Program (WASP) Mentorship with Paul Bourke investigating immersive projection techniques including 3D Stereo and Dome (Planetarium) projections. Part of Australia Council Fellowship.

2005     Visiting Artist, Interactive Information Institute, RMIT. A range of research directions including realtime motion capture for character interaction within live 3D disaster training simulations, and interactive streaming media. Co-researcher on Interactive Streaming Media, Vivek Aiyer (RMIT)

2004     Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University. Networked motion capture research including 3D Stereo projection utilising game engine technologies. (Funded by Arts victoria)

2003     Digidance 1 Dance Digital (formerly EssexDance), Chelmsford, UK. Visualising Motion data dynamics. Creating architectural spaces using motion data. Researchers including Bruno Martelli (igloo UK), Ruth Gibson (igloo UK), Scott DelaHunta (Writing Reading Associated Amsterdam), Hellen Sky (Company In Space Australia)

2002     Real Time and Networked: Sharing the Body MDDF2, Monaco Dance Forum, Monaco. Motion capture intensive research project. My focus on the networked duet form and remodulating shared motion streams. Researchers including Berndt Lintermann (ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe), Scott DelaHunta (Writing Reading Associates). (By invitation of Monaco Dance Forum)

2001     Transdance EPHOS, Athens, Greece. Wearable computing and motion capture research focusing on performed narrative structures with 3D characters and methods for interacting within virtual environments. Researchers including Professor Yacov Sharir (University of Texas), Scott DelaHunta (Amsterdam School of the Arts)

2000     DEAF Dutch Electronic Arts Festival. Interactive tracking and projection applications. Lead researcher Scott DelaHunta (Writing Reading Associates Amsterdam


Successful Research grant applications

2021     Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Project, Holobody: Advancing the Future of Mixed Reality Technologies, Vincs, Paay, McDonald, McCormick, Kowalcyzk 

2019 – 2021       Safety at Work: an applied research project to integrate immersive experiential learning with positive behaviour support training in the disability sector (PAVE) 

2017     Swinburne Institute Seed Grant “Serious Business Games”         

2016     ARC LIEF “Collaborative Embodied Movement Design Network” Providing infrastructure for a consortium of 8 universities investigating embodied approaches to system design and applications.

2015     Research Equipment Support Scheme Deakin (Robotics, Projection) 

         Central Research Grant Scheme (collaborative robotic performance ) 


Successful commercial research projects

2022     A Quantitative Ergonomic Study of Robotic Surgery – Can Console Design Limit Injury and Aid Gender Equity in Surgery? CMR Surgical                  

2021     Gender differences in perceived workload, usability and physical outcomes using Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery – A Survey Study. CMR Surgical    

2021     Hyperrealia – Donna Kendrigan State Library Victoria commission 

2020     Virtual Crossings – Venice Film Festival – VR 

2018     Motion Capture for Virtual Reality (VR) dance production 

2018     The AI Party 

2018     Safety at work – researching and implementing immersive technologies in training support workers                                 

2018     Child in the Wild (ROBOTS + AI) 

2018 – 2021 Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery – An Ergonomic Investigation 

2018     Social, cultural and personal implications of the integration of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in workplace situations. 

2018     Appearition Pty Ltd Hololens Visualisation

2016     Deltatre live broadcast virtual Olympics presentation TV pilot 

         TimeSlices Jonathan Shaw Coventry University  

         Raghav Handa, Mens Rea 

         Kung Fu Visualisations  

         Virtual Publishing Platform  

2015     Dance Haptics  representing dance as haptic information  

         Immigration Musem AR Pilot   


Successful ARC grant applications

2021     Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Project, Holobody: Advancing the Future of Mixed Reality Technologies, Vincs, Paay, McDonald, McCormick, Kowalcyzk 

2016     Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Scheme (LIEF) LE170100066 Collaborative embodied movement design network 


Wild System (John McCormick, Adam Nash)

2017     City of Melbourne, “City of Androids” Public robot street exhibition 

2017     Australia Council, “Child in the Wild” interactive immersive robot exhibition at Art Science Museum, Singapore            


Squaretangle (Adam Nash, John McCormick)

2009     Australia Council Connections Residency   

2010     Australia Council – Ars Electronica Futurelab  


John McCormick

2003     Australia Council Paris Residency    

2007     Australia Council Fellowship        

2015     Creative Victoria, Pinoke, Human / Robot dance   

2015     Synapse Residency, ANAT            

Company In Space (Hellen Sky, John McCormick)

1998     Arts Victoria                                 

         Australia Council       

1999     Australia Council              

         Arts Victoria              

         Australian Film Commission          

         Australian Network for Art and Technology          

2000     Australia Council    

         Arts Victoria     

2001     Australia Council    

         Arts Victoria         

         Australian Film Commission    

         City of Melbourne         



2002-    Arts Victoria              

2003     Film Victoria                   

         Mitchell Foundation     

2004     Australia Council     

         Myer Foundation      

         Australia Council Synapse        

2005     Australia Council       

         Arts Victoria          

         Dept. Foreign Affairs and Trade 

2006     Arts Victoria     

         Australia Council        



As a founding member, board member and public officer of Dancehouse, John contributed to the procurement of the building from local council and the successful applications for programming, operation and capital works funding for the first 5 years of operation. John has been a regular recipient of arts development funding. He was also one of three founding members of Dancehouse who presided over more than $1 million in capital works and program funding during his time as a founder committee member.