Recognition is an installation by John McCormick, Adam Nash and feat. Steph Hutchison at Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre in Victoria Australia. Humans can interact with the forms which are generated from their movement picked up by a sensor behind the glass. The installation runs at night time and is projected onto the glass front of the gallery.

Recognition not only looks at how we interact with digital systems and entities, but also how they can learn from us and borrow our capabilities and features to shortcut their own development.




These two (above) are from the neural network agent (Agent Steph) who has learnt some movement captured from Steph Hutchison at the Deakin Motion Lab. The agent performs when there is no-one interacting with the installation. Steph’s iris also dresses the forms.



These two were formed when a human interacted with the installation. They use my iris as a dress.