Reproduction – 8 stereo screen generative environment

A multi-user, 8 stereoscopic screen, 8 kinect, motion tracking installation. Upon entering participants are assigned a species. As participants approach the installation, the generative entities cluster towards the humans of their species, their songs evolving with the interaction.Featured at the 2013 Interactive Entertainment Conference, RMIT.

Recognition @ Cube37 visitors

Recognition @ Cube37. An installation by myself and Adam Nash. Here are some people interacting with the installation. When there are no humans around a neural network agent which has learnt some movement from Steph Hutchison takes over and dances to make the forms.

Generated forms from Recognition

Recognition is an installation by John McCormick, Adam Nash and feat. Steph Hutchison at Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre in Victoria Australia. Humans can interact with the forms which are generated from their movement picked up by a sensor behind the glass. The installation runs at night time and is projected onto the glass front […]

Iris Textures for the Recognition Installation

That’s my iris on the left and Steph’s iris on the right. They are being used in the Recognition installation at Frankston Arts Centre, Cube 37, to dress the forms generated when either humans interact with the work or when the neural network agent trained with Steph’s movement takes over.